She has a thorough understanding of the litigation process and provides excellent legal work for the office and is a go-to help in managing our cases and work load. Yazmine works closely with Roger to prepare evidence and files for Hearings.

Yazmine works well with your file and correspondence, ensuring that your case is in good order, with careful and detailed documentation. She provides our clients with another contact and set of eyes and hands working on your case. Her bi-lingual skills allow her to communicate with both English and Spanish speaking clients which provides invaluable service to our office.

Yazmine Martinez, J.D.


Janet Little Operations & 

Office Manager

Jacquelyn is our office legal assistant. She has excellent people and organization skills that are a wonderful asset to our law office, her team skills help our office effectively communicate and run smoothly. Jacquelyn fields your inquiries and responds in a timely manner with meaningful information regarding your case.

Roger handles cases carefully and effectively, working closely with the office staff to build your case and to represent you well. His clear and effective communication with his clients gives you, as a client, the knowledge needed to have the power to affect the outcome of your case. 

Roger’s diligent attention to detail allows him to give you the best outcome for your case. His experience gives him invaluable perspective and expertise on each case he works on, which empowers him to settle quickly and efficiently and to get you the money that your case is worth. Roger’s care for the work that he does combined with care for his clients makes him one of the best workers’ compensation attornys in Southern California. Roger truly cares about each of his clients and wants the best outcome for each case. He has a life-long reputation of integrity, honesty and sincerity in both personal and professional life, which gives you confidence that you will be represented well.


Janet Little is the wife of Roger A. Little and co-founded this law office with her husband in 2011. She leads all important office matters and processes that help our business run smoothly. Her experience in building and managing multiple businesses gives her the ability to manage and motivate our team to high standards of achievement.

 Her experience running her own business in the medical field, gives her insightful expertise in handling client correspondence. Communication is important and Jacquelyn is very good at listening and understanding client needs and goes above and beyond to serve each client.

Jacquelyn manages office calendar, file documents, and correspondence with clients. She is training under Yazmine, our paralegal, and Roger to handle and deal with legal processes in the office. She serves as our liaison in the office for communications, operations and legal activities through close interaction with Roger and Yazmine.

Jacquelyn Little

Legal Assistant

Roger A. Little is the lead attorney and owner of our law office. He has over 35 years of experience in Workers Compensation Law serving both sides of cases. With 30 years service as a defense attorney, which means he knows how the other side operates. 5 years ago he intentionally switched to the applicants side. Roger brings immense success, perspective and quality representation to each and every case. 

Yazmine is our bi-lingual paralegal. A recent graduate from California Southern School of Law in Riverside; she is in the process of studying for and taking the State Bar Exam. Yazmine is an integral part of our team. She is vital in allowing us to communicate and serve our clients. Her efforts provide confidence to you in understanding your case status. 

Roger A. Little, J.D.

Attorney At Law 

Janet champions ownership mentality with each member on our team which motivates our team to do their very best for each and every client and case. She pioneers new business methods and improves the working atmosphere of the office to better provide our clients with the best service possible. She works hard to make sure that our clients are satisfied both in their legal representation and in client correspondence and communication.

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​​​​Our Team makes the difference.

Our  experienced and friendly team is dedicated to providing quality service to our clients. If you have been injured at work then you are entitled to workers compensation benefits.

We as an office recognize the emotional side of each case. Our team carries an empathetic, energetic and trustworthy demeanor and will stand by each client through their injury. We care about getting you care and medical assistance you need during the litigation process. Our team is here for you through the entire process of your case. 

We value prompt communication with our clients ensuring that you have peace of mind and optimum results as we assist you through the Workers Compensation process. We are determined to work hard to earn our clients loyalty every day. We’ve hand-picked a high-quality team of  professionally  qualified staff to  successfully represent you in the event any of your benefits are denied and to ensure you get the benefits you deserve. No issue is too big or too small. If you have a legal problem, our team can help you find a solution.